"The autumn, shallow pomegranate diarrhea."

Embroidery is cold and autumn rain."

Into the late autumn, the weather suddenly with continuous autumn rain cold, temperature drops again and again, our clothes are constantly adding. The heavy fog covered the clean blue sky, like the black dragon, several days of continuous plate in the air, the whole town submerged in the northwest frontier in the autumn.

Jianweizhizhu, yiyezhiqiu, a cool autumn. An autumn cold, let the flowers and fruit flowers blooming like a piece of brocade lost and delicate appearance.

Put down the busy, with gentle, with a happy heart, the umbrella, a person entered leisurely, dyed colorful autumn leaves around the world, appreciate the boundless Xiao Xiao Lamu, autumn leaves, when the perception of Chinese parasol leaf full Jiehong sweep up the year spent similar years of age, the year is different autumn autumn tears.

Intermittent rain, washed with dust in the city, its branches and leaves on the dust flying and the vicissitudes of the trunk, where the water has the yellow leaves, passing out of the mother under the leaves floating in the umbrella, and the ground with the rain water.

The rain fell to the ground with the leaves, slowly toward the low-lying lawn, some in the wanton wind, was rushed into the recess in the water like a boat drifting in the low-lying land, water, rain Ling lie it upside down or blowing autumn naturally or half unconsciously. The leaves and pieces of the trees were falling under the sway of the wind and covering up the water.

No leaves, higher ground is dry, I stepped on with underwater leaves, aimlessly forward, watching the rain flow, flowers of the rose, the stream of the reed, the exposed surface of the rock, and water rafting with branches and leaves, huahuahua, rustles, constitute a beautiful rural scenery.

I didn't realize that covered by leaves, water, I stepped in a puddle, scared me, I quickly jumped out so far, the foot stuck to a lot of water, the water splashed my trousers, into the socks, feet icy cold. I looked back, and the rain brought in a lot of yellow leaves and filled the depression.

The Avenue Road, and irrigation canals and roads adjacent, but a five meters wide, but higher in some places with many lawn, brick paved, some cement has been laid to the end of the road, from the south to the north, homeopathy, the formation of slope.